An Introduction to Jetton Minting on TON

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TON Blockchain, like Ethereum or Solana, allows developers to deploy their own cryptocurrencies on the network. These tokens are an addition, or another layer (not technically), on top of the native tokens of each network. On The Open Network, the native token is Toncoin (TON); on Ethereum, it's Ether (ETH), and so on.

Each network has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and developers might decide to deploy on one or the other network for various reasons. On TON, we call these 3rd-party tokens' Jettons.' With Jettons, TON offers the perfect setup for creating, trading, and using digital assets in a decentralized and permissionless environment.

This guide outlines the advantages, standards, and processes for creating Jettons on TON, showcasing how we help creators launch tokens easily and encourage absolute digital ownership across the ecosystem.

Why launch your token on TON?

There is a range of advantages to launching your Jetton on TON. Some of them are ‘by design’ as elemental parts of The Open Network’s architecture, while other advantages are indirect, such as access to the Telegram ecosystem, extensive support documentation, or financial support in form of grants and accelerators.

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  • Mass adoption potential: TON, through its integration with Telegram, provides direct access to over 900 million monthly Telegram users. By building Web3 Telegram Mini Apps, you can tap into a vast audience that no other blockchain platform can offer.

  • Unmatched speed: TON’s speed is a game-changer, with the blockchain setting a world record for processing 100,000 transactions per second. This efficiency ensures that your Jetton transactions will be fast, reliable, and capable of handling large volumes.

  • Scalability: TON’s unique sharding infrastructure splits the blockchain into smaller segments, known as “shards,” to boost scalability and transaction speed. This design helps it handle increasing numbers of users and transactions efficiently without reducing performance or negatively impacting transaction fees.

  • Low transaction fees: The network’s low gas fees are a significant advantage, making frequent transactions economically feasible for both creators and users.

  • Extensive support documentation: TON’s comprehensive documentation provides great resources for developers. From start to finish, you'll find detailed guides and support materials to help you navigate the creation and management of your Jetton.

  • Incentive programs: TON provides unique long-term incentive programs, such as The Open League, which plans to distribute over $200 million in rewards to users and TON teams over the next three months. Additionally, Early, a growth hacking platform, is specifically designed for early-stage projects. These initiatives offer ongoing support to creators and help projects attract their initial audiences.

  • Robust security: TON offers top-tier security, with its infrastructure thoroughly audited by reputable organizations like Certik and Quantstamp.

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  • Exchange support: Support for Jettons on major centralized exchanges (CEXs) significantly enhances their liquidity and accessibility.

The Jetton Standard on TON

The TON Jetton standard provides clear guidelines for the creation and management of digital tokens on the network, ensuring uniformity and simplifying the use of various token types. This standard facilitates straightforward tasks such as transferring tokens and retrieving information, enhancing the user experience across the ecosystem.

How to Mint Jettons

There are two main paths to minting Jettons on TON. Each of them suitable for a different audience, with benefits and disadvantages. If you're a beginner or lack some experience in smart contract development, we encourage you to explore zero-code solutions.


Promoting Jetton minting on TON Blockchain significantly benefits the network by fostering authentic digital ownership and ecosystem diversity. Encouraging teams and developers to mint their Jettons allows more people to engage with TON, broadening the range of quality projects and increasing opportunities for all.

We support token launches by providing options that range from easy, no-code solutions to fully customizable smart contracts, catering to all levels of technical expertise.

As the TON Ecosystem expands, so do the opportunities for creative and financial exploration with Jettons. For more details, please consult our comprehensive guide.