Durov announces Telegram to exclusively use TON for ad payments

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In a sudden and unprecedented move, Pavel Durov, Telegram’s founder, has announced a major update: Starting next month, Telegram, with its 1 billion active users, will activate Telegram ads in over 100 countries, sharing 50% of the revenue from advertising with Telegram channel owners. Telegram will exclusively use TON Blockchain and Toncoin for all transactions and payments to channel owners.

This decision to use TON technology will transform digital advertising and monetization on the platform and set a new standard for creator economies across all major social networks.

What does it mean?

Telegram’s decision to use Toncoin exclusively for monetization is a transformative step in bringing blockchain technology to mainstream Web2 digital platforms. By managing payments, withdrawals, and revenue sharing exclusively through Toncoin, Telegram is creating a new norm for digital transactions.

This change opens up enormous possibilities for Telegram users and channel owners. By enabling monetization purely through Toncoin, channel owners will be able to earn in a global, decentralized currency that supports peer-to-peer transfers between Telegram contacts via Wallet.

Alongside this significant change, Durov announced the expansion of Telegram Ads to more than 100 new countries, significantly increasing the potential audience for content creators and advertisers. Additionally, his commitment to share 50% of ad revenue with channel owners demonstrates Telegram’s dedication to its community, aiming to reward creators for their contributions and engagement fairly.

Besides Telegram Ads, an ecosystem of TON-based Mini Apps is already available for Telegram Channel creators, including Wallet, which enables creators to manage their crypto transactions directly in Telegram and supports e-commerce operations with Wallet Pay. Likewise, the Community App acts as an in-Telegram quest platform where subscribers can complete tasks to earn rewards. Finally, Tribute offers an additional monetization avenue for creators through donations from subscribers or access to subscription-only paid channels.

TON towards mass adoption

Integrating TON Blockchain and Toncoin into Telegram’s monetization strategy is a defining milestone for the TON Ecosystem, but also for the entire blockchain industry. Make no mistake, this is an entirely new use case for any cryptocurrency.

The move highlights the increasing integration of blockchain technology into daily online activities. Telegram’s decision to exclusively monetize content with Toncoin is more than just an operational change; it signals a move towards widespread global Web3 adoption. This new model for digital monetization on a platform with 1 billion active users could influence financial transactions across other mainstream social media platforms, positioning TON as a leading example of blockchain’s first mass-adopted integration among Web2 audiences.