HumanCode brings AI-powered biometrics to TON Ecosystem

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Today, our online lives are almost as meaningful as our real-world interactions. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that tech companies need to help users verify and secure their digital identities. This new collaboration between TON Society and HumanCode represents a considerable step forward, allowing users to express their personhood on-chain and safeguard their digital lives within the TON Ecosystem. Through a $5 million incentive program, HumanCode is changing how TON enthusiasts prove who they are online.

Cyberpunk comes to TON

On April 8, 2024, at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, TON Society and HumanCode announced a groundbreaking collaboration. TON Society, representing the TON Ecosystem, and HumanCode, a leader in AI innovation, are launching a $5 million incentive program that introduces palm scanning to verify digital identities.

HumanCode’s technology lets users voluntarily verify they’re human with a simple palm scan, suitable for all smartphones. It’s universal, working with every browser, camera, and skin tone. This initiative aims to provide secure digital identities to 500 million Telegram users in five years. TON Society is launching a 1 million Toncoin incentive program (~US$5 million) to encourage the TON Community to adopt this new digital verification standard.

TON’s future will be in sync with AI

Much like blockchain, AI is finally hitting its stride when it comes to delivering real-world use cases to real people. This new collaboration between TON Society and HumanCode is part of our commitment to a future where digital identities are both secure and private. HumanCode’s approach, which uses just a palm scan from a smartphone, is secure, scalable, and more user-friendly than alternatives, requiring no special equipment. This technology is crucial for operations like airdrops or transaction analysis, where verifying a person’s identity is necessary for privacy.

HumanCode and TON are setting a new standard for convenience and security in digital identity verification. We both see a future where every individual has control over their digital identity, and we invite every TON enthusiast to join us on this journey.