The Open League Incentives Start Today! Up to 1M Toncoin to be distributed to the community by April 1.

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Today, March 4, TON Foundation launches The Open League incentives. Today, we introduce a new competitive format where TON projects compete for user attention to win rewards for you. The Open League started with Web3 quests, providing easy onboarding for new users of Web3 projects. Over 25,000 users have completed the Open League quests, but now we have added a new layer to the League to increase competition between projects and incentivize crypto native users.

Until April 1, Toncoin will be distributed by the TON Foundation to projects, which will boost their liquidity pools on TON’s Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). Users can provide liquidity to their favorite projects and earn TON and the Project’s token as rewards.

Meet the Chosen Ones

Today, we’re excited to announce 11 projects participating in the TOL pilot season, with room for more coming soon. This marks the beginning of incentives for experienced crypto users through Liquidity Pool Boosts.

We selected these 11 projects based on growth metrics, including number of holders, token distribution, fully diluted value, innovation, and utility.

11 participating projects (so far):

Clicking on the name of the project will open the available liquidity pool in a new tab.

In Liquidity Pool Boosts, users provide 2 assets to the boosted pools on DeDust or StonFi. This is called providing liquidity; in return, liquidity providers will receive Toncoin and project tokens as a reward. The initial boosting has already begun and will continue until April 1st.

The pool of up to 1 million Toncoin will be shared among the participating projects’ users based on four metrics: TVL at risk, trading volume, number of active wallets, and number of transactions.

Winning founders will receive a Toncoin prize at the end of the season on April 1.

We will assign boosted Toncoin rewards to projects at different times, so you should closely follow the community channels and remain active to ensure you don’t miss the boosts.

The program’s progress will be tracked on a real-time public leaderboard that is coming soon and allows you to see the latest results of the boosted pools.

How to Enter

1. Provide Liquidity

To participate in the task, you need to hold both tokens present in the pool. If you don’t have the required tokens, you can swap your Toncoin to buy the token you need and then deposit equal amounts of both tokens to the pool. It’s worth noting that some pools might have lock-up periods, meaning that you must keep your assets in the pool for a specific time.

2. Monitor your positions

You must monitor the health of your pooled positions by checking them inside the DEX you’re using. Reward amounts may change quickly. Due to market volatility, you can incur an impermanent loss when the value of one side of your position changes.

Follow the Toncoin channel to see the latest updates on new Toncoin boosts.

3. Claim your Rewards

As you start providing liquidity, you will immediately earn rewards based on the activity within your pool. The rewards are automatically distributed based on the size of your position in the pool; the larger the pool share you have, the more rewards you’ll receive.

Get Started on DeDust or

IMPORTANT: Please note this activity is designed for experienced Web3 users who understand the intricacies of providing liquidity to 2-sided pools and clearly understand the associated risks. Read Bybit’s article on liquidity pools to learn more.

All projects participating in The Open League are selected based on their past performance. Neither the Open League nor the TON Foundation guarantees the future performance of these projects, and you must do your own research and assess the possible risks. Please evaluate each project carefully before making any on-chain actions.