The Open League Season 3 Results

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So folks, that was Season 3 of The Open League. Quite the ride, huh? There have been some big developments, and TON has gone from success to success. It’s all been happening quickly, and we know you’re probably a little tired from keeping up with everything—Notcoin, new announcements, and the entire ever-growing ecosystem. So, after we’re done celebrating the Season 3 results, we’ll give you a two-week break to gather your strength before starting up again with something extra special.

During this break, make sure to get ready for Season 4; there’s going to be a lot happening! We’ll update you on any rule changes—some will be pretty wild! Keep in mind that for the next two weeks, there will be no LP boosts until the start of the next season; teams can provide their own, and TON Society will happily advertise them. Season 4 will start at 11:00 UTC on June 12 and will last two weeks.

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Key Highlights

Here’s some of the most glorious data from the season–take it all in!

General Metrics

The growth compared to the start of The Open League is shown in parentheses.

  • Daily active wallets (DAW): 568,000 (+1,403%)
  • Weekly Active Wallets: 2.2M (+1,308%)
  • Monthly Active Wallets: 3.5M (+775%)
  • DeFi Total Value Locked: $320.2M (+1,298%)
  • Overall Total Value Locked: $637.6M (+402%)
  • Avg. Number of Daily Transactions: 4.2M (+372%)

Final Rankings for The Open League Season 3

This season, just like in Season 2, we tracked the Token Major, Token Minor, and App leagues. Below are the final leaderboard snapshots as of the official end of the season.

The rankings are based on various metrics for each category, mainly the number of holders, TVL, DEX activity, and distribution.

App Battle

The incredible victors in the App Battle this season are similar to last season but with a few new faces! Congratulations to Catizen, Yescoin, SquidTG, Getgems, Fanton, TON Punks, and Tonano, who have won a combined reward of $500,000 in Season 3.

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Token Major League

This season in the Major League, ARBUZ, WEB3, FNZ, BOLT, KINGY, STON, and JVT took home the prizes!

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Token Minor League

The top teams from the Minor League this season are: HYDRA, WALL, COFE, JETTON, DFC.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported Season 3 of The Open League. Your dedication and enthusiasm have made this season a great success! Enjoy the well-deserved break, stay tuned for updates, and get ready for another exciting season. See you all on June 12 at 11:00 UTC for the start of Season 4!