These Are The Best Projects of TOL Season 1!

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What’s cooking, you absolute Chads? The Open League Season 1 is officially over, and it’s time to look back at the best projects of the past month. The last month was hectic, filled with announcements flooding (pun intended) from Dubai’s Token 2049 – from USDt and XAUt on TON to Telegram’s plans to reward sticker creators and more. While the market went through significant ups and downs and influencers kept fighting over whether we were in a bear market or a bull market, one thing remained unchanged: the growth happening in The Open League.

In Season 1, we welcomed several major changes that rewrote the rules of The Open League and allowed more projects to participate for rewards. We introduced new leaderboards, launched Memelandia and DeFi Grants, and boosted the rewards for top projects. In addition, we airdropped rewards to the most active traders and distributed multiple rewards.

In addition, the two leading TON DEXs, and DeDust, have now deployed new boosts. The total farming rewards to be distributed to the participants of the Major League are $224,483 on and $66,304 on DeDust.

But now, let’s get to the main point of this article.

Key Highlights:

Below are some key highlights captured at the end of Season 1, and just look at that beauty. The key metrics are compared to before the start of The Open League.

  • Open League S1 has contributed to ATHs across every metric in April. With a massive $9M distributed to all 894K TON users who participated in Season 1.
  • Daily active wallets (DAW): 198,270 (+425%)
  • Weekly Active Wallets: 537,160 (+244%)
  • Monthly Active Wallets: 1,45M (+263%)
  • DeFi Total Value Locked: $175.1M (+665%)
  • Liquidity Providers: 22,088 (+410%)
  • Daily Trading Volume: $23.97M (+834%)
  • Daily Traders: 25,502 (+431%)
  • Jetton Holders: 1.28M (+1023%)

Final Project Ranking of The Open League Season 1

In Season 1, we tracked leaderboards across five main categories: Token Leaderboard, Meme Coin & Community Tokens, DeFi, Apps, and Liquid Staking. Below are the final snapshots of leaderboards as of the first day after Season 1, May 1.

The rankings are based on various metrics for each category, but mainly the number of holders, TVL, DEX activity, and distribution.


The 6 projects participating in the DeFi Leaderboard were awarded a $875,000 prize pool for Season 1.

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Token Leaderboard: Major League

The Major League reserved for the best projects in the Token category from the previous season will share a prize pool of $875,000 for Season 1.

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Token Leaderboard: Minor League

The top three projects from the Minor League, where upcoming projects compete for their place in next season’s Major League, will share a prize pool of $150,000 for Season 1.

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App Battle

In the App Battle, we’re rewarding the top ten projects with $875,000 for Season 1, distributed according to their performance.

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Meme Coin & Community Token Leaderboard

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Liquid Staking Leaderboard

The liquidity providers in this category will share $500,000 in prize money for Season 1.

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As always, we’re extremely grateful to all projects that participated in last month’s season and are excited to see what’s coming in Season 2, which kicked off on May 1st.

Season 2 will bring a few changes that will affect the progression of The Open League. These changes are mainly focused on making the league more dynamic, faster, and simpler to understand.

  • Season 2 will last only 2 weeks instead of the previous 1 month. This will speed up reward distribution and allow more projects to participate in the upcoming seasons.
  • We’re reducing the number of leaderboards from five to three: App Battle, Token Major League & Token Minor League. Meme Coin category will be merged under token league, DeFi and Liquid Staking categories are removed.
  • Major League promotions: JVT, ANON, WEB3, REDO, @BTC25
  • New Minor League teams: DYOR, OPEN, BURN, DICK, CRYPTON, and WALL
  • New App Battle teams: Shardify, XPLUS, Cheques Corp, Catizen, and The Pixels

If you want to track the Season 2 leaderboards, visit The Open League website.