TON Culture Kings: ARBUZ

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Welcome to another thrilling edition of TON Culture Kings, where we dive into the wild world of memecoins and community projects on TON Blockchain. Today, we’re pumped to spotlight $ARBUZ, another well-known token that’s making waves in the TON Ecosystem by offering a fresh and fun way for users to earn juicy rewards.

In this interview, we’ll peel back the rind on $ARBUZ, exploring its origins and what’s next for the project. So grab a slice, sit back, and let's get into the sweet, sweet world of $ARBUZ! 🍉

IMPORTANT: This interview is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement, approval, or recommendation of the project. The views and opinions expressed in this interview are those of the interviewee and do not necessarily reflect the views of the TON Foundation. This is not investment advice.

TON Culture Kings: ARBUZ

Guys, welcome to TON Culture Kings. Alright, spill the seeds—how did $ARBUZ get started?

The name ARBUZ (watermelon) came from my past experience. In Russia, there is a law prohibiting the sale of watermelons cut in half. At one time, as a student, I wrote about it on the internet, and one of my subscribers called me the "watermelon chief" after drawing attention to the article. This inspired me to organize a watermelon festival and then create the token $ARBUZ.

How does $ARBUZ stand out among other memecoins on TON Blockchain? Any secret ingredients?

ARBUZ stands out because of his total commitment to the community, we gave away all the coins to people. First, it started its bidding exclusively on xRocket, with no DEX involvement. Secondly, the entire issue was given to the user and they determined the price themselves. This meant that there were no rules or restrictions. In order to get tokens, I had to purchase them together with other participants.

So, what’s the deal with Arbuz Fest? Give us the lowdown on the main activities and rewards.

The essence of the Arbuz Festival was the following: participants who received $ARBUZ were faced with the question of what to do with it. The festival became a learning platform, allowing them to understand how wallets and liquidity pools work on TON. Guests from the Web2 world quickly became familiarized and delved deeper into the process.

It was a sort of introduction of people to cryptocurrencies, as the check that drew them into the channel was like a pass to a new area. Just like what's happening with Notcoin nowadays, people were coming in and exploring the TON Ecosystem.

What are some of the fan-favorite Arbuz Fest tasks, and how do they work?

The easiest task was to send 1 TON to the wallet every day to earn 10 festival watermelons. Within a few months, this simple activity became a routine, and people started every morning by getting watermelons.

Later came ARBUZ Clicker, which gained popularity among people, and many began to perform tasks that appeared in it. The community realized that they wanted to have their own watermelon app, and they just made it.

The $ARBUZ community seems super active and engaged. What’s your secret sauce for keeping everyone so pumped?

Fun and joy is something that unites us all. Our project started as an experiment, conceived to see what would happen if we distributed watermelons to everyone and then started to lift people's mood. Today, we have over 10 admins in our Telegram channel who are creating memes and content. We have a team doing content for TikTok and Twitter. All of these people just enjoy the process. That's our secret sauce.

How do you handle the highs and lows of the memecoin market? Any tips for your community on staying positive and engaged?

Memecoins are what it takes to pump and dump. This is an integral part of it. The main purpose of a memecoin is to entertain the audience. If a memecoin has an original idea, it promotes deep engagement and creates an atmosphere of fun.

For someone who’s skeptical about memecoins, what would you say to convince them to give $ARBUZ a try?

Memecoins are such an unpredictable thing that when it seems like it's a total scam and nothing good is to be expected, then that's when it's time to look into them.

What’s been the funniest or most unexpected moment in the $ARBUZ journey so far? Any memorable community moments you’d like to share?

The ARBUZ project is pure fun. We create dozens of memes every day about $ARBUZ, the drop, clicker, and Vudi (author of the investkingyru channel in Telegram). What's especially fun is that there are many channels where people create their own content, contributing to the popularization of ARBUZ as a project.

Looking into the future, what exciting updates or features can the $ARBUZ community look forward to? Any sneak peeks?

Summer is known to be the time of watermelons. Now, they are appearing on the shelves of stores in the cities, opening up opportunities for offline fun. You can shoot TikToks, create videos, and just have a good time. Plus, we have a big drop coming up on August 2: 500,000 $ARBUZ will be distributed to participants of the ARBUZ Fest, which almost ten thousand people are looking forward to attending.

We're also actively entering Ethereum and Solana, developing clickers and bridges for them to bring in new audiences. This is just the beginning.

$ARBUZ also won the third season of The Open League, which saw record awards for liquidity providers in the league's entire existence. This is an achievement without precedent.

For the newbies wanting to dive into the $ARBUZ world and Arbuz Fest, what’s your top advice for getting started?

First of all, it's important to find out if people share our sense of humor. If the answer is yes, then welcome! After that, you can purchase a token, create your channel and share your memes. We will pay attention to you and invite you to become part of this large, friendly and fun community. We are open to everyone!