TON Foundation and HashKey Group Announce a Strategic Partnership

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After our successful Bootcamp with HashKey brought exceptional results, we’ve decided to extend our collaboration and take our friendship to a new level. Today, we’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with HashKey, a key step for Web3 development. This formal partnership with HashKey, the company behind HashKey Exchange, will boost the TON Ecosystem by backing new projects and improving digital asset services, such as fiat-to-crypto on/off-ramps.

Building a Bigger and Better TON Ecosystem

This partnership centers on supporting the growing TON Ecosystem. TON Foundation and HashKey Group are working together to build a support system for new projects, offering them advice, mentorship, and financial support. With HashKey Group’s knowledge and resources, this collaboration opens up new possibilities for both developers and entrepreneurs, primarily from the APAC region.

“Through this strategic partnership with HashKey Group, we are excited to provide further support to independent and already influential communities around TON in this region," said Steve Yun, President of the TON Foundation. “Led by local teams already achieving virality, we look forward to ushering in a new generation of mini-app builders on TON.

Another key part of this joint venture is improving virtual asset services by making it easier for Wallet users to switch between traditional money and cryptocurrency. This effort seeks to smooth out the process, integrating digital assets more seamlessly into everyday life for people in the Asia-Pacific region with dedicated on- and off-ramps.

Starting in the Hong Kong market, TON and HashKey are focused on complying with local laws and regulations. Their success in Hong Kong is expected to lay the groundwork for expanding their partnership to other regions, with the goal of delivering accessible and decentralized financial services around the world.

A New Renaissance

The partnership between TON Foundation and HashKey Group marks a significant step in integrating Web3 technologies into everyday life. TON recognizes Hong Kong’s emerging status as a Web3 center and is eager to provide the local community with the means to innovate on TON Blockchain. ​​This collaboration aims to fuel the Hong Kong Web3 renaissance by fostering innovation, easing access to digital assets, and backing new projects in the TON Ecosystem, setting the stage for significant changes in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors.