TON Foundation Grant Support: Q3 2023

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We are excited to announce the list of grant recipients approved by the TON Foundation for the first round of Q3 2023!

These projects promise innovative solutions and significant value to the TON Community. Tali AI streamlines developers' onboarding process, the Ledger app provides secure access and management of TON assets, and TonUp catalyzes the growth of ecosystem projects. Meanwhile, Optus DEX Aggregator refines decentralized trading, and Gatto presents an engaging gaming journey on VK Mini Apps. Together, they help create a bright future for the TON community.

  • Tali AI - intelligent, AI-driven model designed to enhance developer relations, support, and community management. Tali instantly answers developer questions by analyzing developer docs, Slack conversations, Youtube videos, and chat messages for seamless knowledge integration and insight delivery. Implementing this bot will significantly improve the onboarding process for new builders into TON Ecosystem and technical support initiatives. Join Tali AI Community.

  • Ledger app for TON - the project integrates the latest Ledger Stax device, enhancing compatibility and security. The app will support NFTs and Jetton transfers, providing users with more functionality. Improved TON Connect support allows secure interactions with third-party services. Check out their Github to follow the development process. Join Tontech Community.

  • TonUp - an innovative permissionless launchpad on the TON ecosystem that will provide instruments supporting throughout the project launch journey, ranging from IDOs to DEX integration and beyond. By offering these critical functions, the team aims to nurture and drive the growth of projects built on the TON network, ultimately generating broader recognition and adoption for the entire ecosystem. Join TonUp Community.

  • Optus DEX Aggregator - a powerful tool that improves decentralized trading on the TON blockchain. Consolidating liquidity from multiple DEXs, it optimizes trade execution and reduces price impact. The aggregator allows users to execute trades with the best prices from various exchanges, resulting in reduced slippage and a seamless trading experience. Join Optus Community.

  • Gatto - first P2E game on the VK Mini Apps platform. Tamagotchis, city building, and competitions - all in one. The game uses the TON blockchain to create NFT pets and pays out tokens/TONs to users who actively play and develop their Gattomons. Join Gatto Community.

We invite you to participate in the TON Grants program as a project builder and evaluation contributor. Learn more about different aspects of the TON Grants program on the official page.

As a builder, you can submit your project proposal on our Questbook page or join the discussion on specific projects to help us support the best possible ideas.

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