TON Grants Report for February 2024

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With the second month of 2024 behind us, it's time to announce the new list of grant recipients approved by the TON Foundation for February.

The selected projects show our commitment to supporting social Web3 use cases within Telegram, which is the main focus of the current grant strategy. With TON and Telegram, we're dedicated to making Web3 onboarding simple and making mass adoption a reality.

Our belief in the potential of straightforward and viral mechanics as the grounds for mass adoption drove us to offer grant support to the following teams.

TON Grants Recipients for February 2024

Lost Dogs: Coin Flip & Game

This team has been building in the ecosystem for quite some time now, and the granularity and precision of their two approved grant proposals demonstrate their deep understanding of how to create a viral product and quickly bring it to the market.

The team's first new product will be the classic coin flip game, and the examples of Solana and SUI prove that this mechanic can greatly benefit from Web3 elements. Fun and easy gameplay, combined with an effective marketing plan (own Telegram channels, collaborations with other TON teams, listing in catalogs and Telegram ads), is the key to success here.

In the second game, players compete with each other for a big prize just by throwing dice with one button. These simple 'battle' mechanics and smooth onboarding will help Web2 users start using @wallet and other TON wallets inside Telegram and see the immense opportunities that Web3 offers. Click here to join their community.

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies is an entertainment app launched in 2019 on the VKontakte social network. It has a fan base of 1M+ users and more than 250 K active users on a weekly basis. The main feature of the game is predictions. Players enter the game every day for positive and motivating predictions.

Predictions are unlocked for rare currency, which can be obtained for free in limited quantities and purchased extra through TON wallets. Apart from that, players can merge identical cookies to upgrade the level - there will be more than 190 unique cookie levels in the game. Click here to join their community.

Sheep Royal

Another game with viral mechanics and a 500K user base invites players to push logs to the opponent's side using a unique card deck.

Aimed primarily at teenagers and young adults, Sheep Royal will try to replicate the best practices of the existing game in the form of a TMA, adding such Web3 elements as NFT skins and characters, and as a result, secure a decent share of the Telegram 800M monthly audience. Click here to join their community.


Another grant approved in February goes to the team developing an event management tool for the TON ecosystem. This easy-to-use tool with smooth onboarding will allow event creators of TON projects and the TON Society to create, manage, analyze, and improve events.

It will also effectively engage participants through the integrated @wallet and the possibility of creating and distributing SBTs. The app is already functional and is being used at various TON events. Click here to try their Telegram Mini App.

We invite you to participate in the TON Grants program as a project builder and help us on a mission to achieve mass adoption and enhance the TON ecosystem. Learn more about different aspects of the TON Grants program on the official page.

As a builder, you can submit your project proposal on our Questbook page or join the discussion on specific projects to help us support the best possible ideas.