TON Memelandia Is Here! Recognizing the Importance of Community-Driven Tokens

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Meme coins have a bad rep among institutional players and rarely receive any support or even acknowledgment. At TON Foundation, we want to fight this stigma and recognize meme coins with a fair launch and dedicated team for what they are—one of the most effective ways of building a sustainable, loyal, and active community.

We recognize the importance of community tokens and meme coins, and we firmly believe that creativity, engagement, and fun are the key ingredients for community growth.

Introducing Memelandia

We're excited to introduce Memelandia, a cultural hub for meme coins and community tokens. At its core, it celebrates the fun and joyful spirit that drives the Web3 revolution. Here, selected communities will engage in a friendly yet competitive showcase in The Open League, battling for rewards and the honor of being the top meme coin and community token on TON.

This initiative reflects the TON Foundation's innovative approach to projects that lack use cases recognized by institutional players. This prevents such projects from accessing the new capital and support they deserve.

An excellent example of a project with 'no use' is Notcoin. A project that started as probably nothing quickly became the main adoption channel for TON, introducing Web3 to almost 30M players and activating audiences that usually don't gravitate toward blockchain. Notcoin is the most popular Web3 game ever and continues to grow even bigger.

Memelandia x The Open League

Memelandia is part of The Open League initiative, which aims to support meme coins and community tokens and help them get noticed.

On the Memelandia webpage, you can find an official leaderboard for TOL's Meme Coin & Community Token category, updated in real-time to provide you with the latest insights on TON's trending memes and community projects.

Projects are ranked according to key metrics, including TVL, number of holders and DEX traders, and airdrop distribution.

Launch Your Meme Coin on TON

Launching a meme coin on TON is as simple as it gets, and you don’t even need to code. You can design and mint your project using one of the no-code solutions, open-source templates or start from scratch, using options according to your knowledge and skill.

Once you’re done, you need to decide whether to conduct a fair launch or go the pre-sale route. Later on, you can experiment with airdrops or even give your token some utility and build a Telegram Mini App - it’s all in your hands.

now is the time to start growing your community using viral Telegram mechanics and TON tools such as TON Raffles or TonUP.