TON Onboards 1 Million Users in a Single Day

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On May 16, TON Blockchain set a new benchmark for layer 1 performance, after having previously set a TPS record to become the world's fastest blockchain. On this day, The Open Network welcomed over 1 million new users in just 24 hours, joining an elite group of Web3 projects with similar single-day growth, such as Binance, Coinbase, and AxieInfinity.

This milestone coincided with the minting and listing of Notcoin, a popular Web3 community tool, showcasing TON's exceptional scalability and readiness for widespread adoption. The seamless transaction processing and stable performance during this massive influx of new users confirmed TON’s capability, debunking any doubts about its performance under pressure.

Scalability & User Engagement

The Notcoin listing was the biggest real-life test of TON’s scalability and resilience to date. On May 16, 1.04 million unique onchain holders interacted with the blockchain, including 841,170 users participating in the Notcoin minting and 200,000 regular daily active users. This makes TON the first blockchain to onboard 1 million users in a single day.

The 841,170 Notcoin mints show significant user interest in new projects. Additionally, the day saw increased activity on TON DEXs, on-chain conversions from WNOT to NOT, and active swapping of NOT NFT vouchers for Notcoin jettons. This activity underscores the network’s robust technical capabilities and strong user engagement within the TON Ecosystem.

Notcoin recorded over 1 million new Notcoin onchain holders in just 30 hours. And although there is no data we could use to compare this to other Web3 coins and tokens, we’re confident that this puts Notcoin among the fastest Web3 projects to achieve 1 million holders in such a short period of time. At the publishing of this article, there are over 2 million Notcoin onchain holders.

In the first 30 hours, starting at 12:00 on May 16, 117,254 unique traders swapped WNOT to NOT in 216,530 transactions. There were also 67,258 voucher swaps on listed 16 addresses during this time period.

TON’s Unshakeable Network Performance

TON’s performance during this event was flawless, demonstrating its reliability and efficiency even during periods of significant network demand. The network remained fully operational under peak load conditions, maintaining high transaction speeds despite the high transaction volume and providing a smooth user experience. TON’s market capitalization and trading volume surged on both CEXs and DEXs. Furthermore, during the listing, TON achieved all-time highs with 0.5 million daily active users and 3.2 million monthly active users, showcasing remarkable growth and engagement within the ecosystem.


Onboarding over 1 million users in one day marks a new chapter for TON Blockchain and underscores its robustness and scalability. We understand that a single day doesn’t make a year, but we’re confident that this ‘live ammo’ test has proven TON’s capability to handle significant traffic without compromising on its performance. It shows that TON managed to capture the momentum while the rest of the Web3 market slowly moves sideways, uncertain of the future.

TON’s architecture, designed for high efficiency, low fees, and resilience, ensures that the network can scale to meet the ever-increasing demands of Web3 and provide the infrastructure required to onboarding 500 million users to Web3 by 2028. With its proven ability to manage peak loads, TON further positions itself as the gateway to Web3, prepared for mass adoption of decentralized technologies and a thriving Web3 ecosystem with thousands of projects and millions of users.

The ‘1 Million Day’ is not about numbers or technology but about a significant step towards wider blockchain adoption and technological integration of Web3 into our daily lives–putting crypto in every pocket. It’s about the enthusiasm and positivity within the TON Community and a celebration of innovation that thrives on TON.