USDt on TON is Expanding Horizons with Over 60 New Integrations

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The Open Network (TON) is growing like no other ecosystem in history. With over USD$580,000,000 in circulation, USDt on TON is already the fastest-growing stablecoin ever. Although everyone at TON Foundation is proud of our ecosystem’s growth, we are not satisfied. Last month, we introduced the world to our ambitious plans of making USDt on TON accessible to everyone, everywhere. Today, we're excited to bring you the first updates on this journey and share that over 60 new partners are supporting Tether USDT on The Open Network.

The main driver behind this initiative is our hunger for freedom. We're dedicated to providing accessibility and ownership to people worldwide. USDt on TON combines the speed and security of TON Blockchain with the trust and notoriety of the US dollar. This record-breaking asset allows everyone to earn, spend, and transfer their value at their free will. Our integrations and collaborations prove that builders and enterprises around the world also believe in a world where currency may be free from unreasonable requirements, bereft of unnecessary barriers to entry, and enjoyed as easily as sending a text.

Below is a list of our first set of over 60 projects and platforms from around the world that support and have integrated USDt on TON.

Centralized Exchanges

DeFi & Decentralized Exchanges

Onramps (Buy & Sell)



How To Get Involved

Your participation and feedback are essential as we continue to roll out these integrations. Want to join us on our journey? Stay informed, get involved, and spread the word.

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