Ushering in a New Era of Internet Ownership to the Public

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3, TON Blockchain has been at the forefront of delivering developments that redefine how we interact with the decentralized world. To this end, we recently announced the launch of the self-custody wallet, TON Space. This development not only reinforces the momentum of our Web3 ecosystem within Telegram and marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards decentralized finance and actual ownership of assets. TON Space exemplifies our community's vision for a secure, user-friendly platform that empowers users to take control of their digital assets without compromising on convenience or security.

Making this vision a reality takes work, so we have teamed up with two elite companies. Enter Fireblocks and DWF Labs, two titans in the Web3 realm. DWF Labs is a next-generation Web3 investor and market maker, one of the world's largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities active across 60 top exchanges. Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets, having secured the transfer of over $4 trillion in digital assets to date.

As Web3 evolves from merely imitating Web2, the demand for security measures that match the TradFi standard becomes apparent.

The journey ahead is about purposeful innovation; building a secure, convenient, and accessible digital future for the world. A future where the potential of Web3 is realized in full measure, breaking boundaries and establishing new paradigms. In this evolving narrative, TON Foundation, Fireblocks, and DWF Labs are not just participants but key architects of a Web3 ecosystem prepared for mainstream adoption.

Fireblocks Integrates TON Blockchain and Adds Support for Toncoin

The most exciting news is that Fireblocks has also integrated TON Blockchain and its native currency, Toncoin, onto its platform. Fireblocks provides cutting-edge security for digital assets within the TON Ecosystem, mainly through the infrastructure supporting the self-custody wallet TON Space.

TON Foundation has set a goal to put crypto in every pocket, beginning with providing digital asset wallets to 500 million people by 2028. If we are serious about executing mainstream adoption, we must also provide infrastructure for tens of millions of users, ensuring our network is ready to handle this load and operate smoothly while processing millions of transactions per second.

Fireblock's Multi-Party Computation (MPC-CMP) technology will help us achieve this. The MPC-CMP algorithm, developed by Fireblocks' cryptography team, enables digital asset transactions to be signed in just one round, offering the fastest transaction signing speeds of any MPC algorithm by 800%.

The significance of Fireblocks' involvement with TON is underscored by its successful track record with other Layer 1 networks. Past collaborations have shown Fireblocks' ability to enhance network security, streamline operations, and facilitate growth within various ecosystems. By drawing on these experiences, the integration with TON aims to replicate and surpass these successes, thanks to the unique attributes and expansive vision of the TON Ecosystem. With Fireblocks, TON will achieve improved cross-chain interoperability and provide new use cases for Toncoin.

The Fireblocks integration is now completed and fully operational as of March 2024.

Closing Thoughts

With this integration comes a new era of institutional-grade security for TON users and several important questions about its inevitable impact. How will this elevated security level transform users' interactions with their digital assets? What new opportunities does this open up for institutional investors looking to enter the TON Ecosystem? And, significantly, how will this integration contribute to the overall security and growth of the TON network?

While it will take some time to answer these questions, we already know that the impact will be highly favorable for the entire ecosystem and push TON closer to mainstream adoption on par with Web2 and TradFi markets.

Together, we're painting a comprehensive vision of the Internet of Ownership, where users and businesses not only genuinely own their data and assets but also enjoy the highest security standards that were usually available only to institutional giants.

We want to thank the DWF Labs team for facilitating this exciting collaboration and financing this integration.