April 1st. The Open League Season 1. $115 million in Toncoin community rewards.

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The Open League's pilot season led to 70% growth in TVL (Total Value Locked) and 370% in daily active wallets. Very crazy results for just 2 weeks. TON Community it’s time to double-down.

The first full season of The Open League, is here…

Starting April 1st, in 1 month seasons, TON Foundation will distribute 30 million Toncoin, roughly equivalent to $115 million. 4 systems will help us distribute all that Toncoin, and show the simple conversion path from humble Telegram user to onchain CHAD.

What are The Open League Seasons?

TON projects compete every month to win a massive prize, while TON-chain users earn massive rewards for their activity. Simple.

The competition consists of 4 systems that will share the total 30 million Toncoin budget:

  • The League
  • Token Mining
  • Quests & Airdrops
  • Liquidity Pool Boosts

Each system is for a different style of character in the Telegram community: The degen dev, n00bie normies, degenerate dabblers and the CHAD.

Let’s dive into how they all work.

The League: $5 million Toncoin Prize Pool. The League is for degen devs but also for everyone. It’s an overall KPI competition where Web3 projects compete to win the season’s Toncoin prizepool. There is the Major League, and the Minor League. With rankings shown in real time on the live leaderboard.

Each season, 2 projects that perform well will be promoted from the Minor League to the Major, and 2 projects that underperform will be relegated 😭. Winning projects may then choose what to do with their winnings: keep it for themselves or distribute it to their communities. You can’t blame them either way, winners be winning…

Any Web3 project on TON can compete to enter the Minor League, how? Show significant traction, have a cool community, win community votes, be top hacker at one of our hackathons or boss the TON Accelerator.

Projects from any chain are, of course, encouraged to migrate to TON, bring their community and attempt to get into Season 1. Migration first, then Open League goody bags for all.

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Token Mining: Projects' Own Token

For n00bie normies. Some projects on TON have already achieved legendary status and proven that to grow on Telegram, you only need 2 things - a simple incentives mechanism and a referral program.

We’re encouraging every project in The Open League to use this proven model to grow, and give all the n00bie normies out there a taste of free tokens - create simple, easy to use mining mechanisms using their own token.

Just as Notcoin, Pixels and Catizen have proven - with the right incentives and referral program projects can grow to 10s of millions of users, easily, in no time at all without any marketing spend. This kind of thing is very unique to TON and Telegram so let’s use our strengths! Every project should study Notcoin’s whitepaper down to the last word, to figure out how they did it.

Projects! Create your own viral mining mechanism that gives n00bie normies an easy and immediate way to get free tokens. Do this well and may additional rewards rain down upon you. You’ll also find the doors to TON Foundation’s Telegram Ads grants program, start to swing open to you.

Quests & Airdrops: $22 million Toncoin

For the Degen Dabblers, Quests give a step-by-step intro to on-chain usage of TON projects.

You can already find many quests live in Community Bot, but there will also be more quest activities listed on TON Society. By completing activities in TON Society you’ll earn Soul Bound Tokens - on-chain collectibles you can’t sell from your wallet. Let’s just say holding these may come in very handy in the future.

Airdrops can be given at any time for any reason. We like airdrops at TON, rewards will be made for all kinds of cool on-chain activities people get up to every season. Keep watch of the official channels and our affiliated team member’s social media there may well be easter eggs hiding in plain sight.

Liquidity Pool Boosts: $40 million Toncoin

For the CHADs among you, liquidity pool boosts are there to make crazy APRs.

Each project upon entering the Major League will get 50K Toncoin to boost their own liquidity pool’s rewards.

We already made CHADs pretty easy to figure out - you’ll find all the boosted pools through The Open League Mini App. Yes, it’s just an app inside Telegram.

You CHADs probably already know this but, liquidity pools mean you deposit 2 tokens to “pool liquidity”; and the “Boosts” mean liquidity providers will earn additional Toncoin on top of the rewards from fees collected by the pool.

LPs take some getting used to, and carry some significant risks of losing it all! So if you’re a n00bie normie or a degen dabbler - just stick to your token mining and quests. You’ll know when you’re ready.

The Open League Flywheel

The Open League and its massive rewards are designed to create a positive "flywheel” for TON projects.

The hypothesis is simple – once the world sees how every project in The Open League can make millions of Telegram users go on-chain; TON becomes the obvious choice for every mass audience consumer product on the planet.


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We’ve been saying for a while that TON is here to put crypto in every pocket. Well, here you go this is it. A seamless, highly rewarding conversion path for every type of Telegram user to become a Crypto CHAD.

It’s a very public experiment, and we hope you’ll join us to make it a success. Let’s all show that crypto doesn’t have to be complex. It can be easy, intuitive, highly rewarding and accessible to everyone with a Telegram account.

If you’re a Web3 project reading this from any chain and you have significant traction–season 1 is here for you. Build your project on TON and Telegram, get millions of users. Stop playing around in the sandbox. The time to act is now.

Easter egg 1: Did you count $100 million in user rewards? Where oh where will the missing Toncoin go?