Grants Report for March & April: 14 Teams Set to Receive Grants and Join The Open League

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We are happy to announce the list of grant recipients approved by the TON Foundation in March-April 2024.

The list of talented teams below proves our dedication to support strong social Web3 use cases, games, DeFi, and other valuable tools and products that enhance the TON ecosystem. With most projects building a Telegram Mini App with social viral features and easy onboarding, we are getting closer to the goal of bringing half billion users on-chain by 2028.

The article showcases that not only games and SocialFi but also DeFi products can offer a simple and engaging experience, combined with sharing features and multi-layer referral programs.

All teams made impressive progress on product development and, importantly, on building an early community and attracting first users.

The next logical and very exciting step for them will be to join The Open League - a season-based competition for TON teams with large prizes for the best performers.

Let’s see what impressive ideas have been supported through the TON Grants Program lately and which projects will participate in the fair fight of The Open League very soon.


Games are a key focus area of the TON Grants Program. Recently, these two teams received financial support for game development.

  • Jump Trade: Building 3 Telegram Mini Apps (Classic Puzzle Game, Cards 21, Basketball Shots) with engaging gameplay, real-time multiplayer, and NFT passes. These mini games aim to onboard masses into web3.

  • EdChess: Offering a new chess experience with education, training, competitions, and skill monetization. The game has already attracted over 35k unique users.

Onboarding Platforms and Community & Brand Management Tools

These projects are focused on onboarding users and brands into web3 through Telegram, utilizing Telegram's viral features and unlimited networking potential.

  • XPLUS: Winner of the TON Hacker House 2024. Launching an all-in-one entertainment Mini App with token and memecoin trading games, XPLUSMONs, and Shake2Earn Farming. With 1.3 million registered users, 180k DAU, and 2k NFTs sold in hours, XPLUS is already in the App Battle of The Open League.

  • TBook: Building a quest platform for Web3 and Web2 projects to engage communities. Launching first campaigns soon.

  • vSelf: Providing no-code tokenization and gamification tools for brands. Preparing for a pilot campaign with Assissterr, creating quiz and SBT-distribution mechanics.


Enhancing social interactions and empowering users with financial opportunities and ownership is key to Web3.

  • Building a crypto social network with join-to-earn, engage-to-earn, and quest-to-earn features. Users can join communities, discuss news, tip creators, and play games. Integrated with major TON games like Catizen and The Pixels, has attracted 21k users.

  • TELE: Creating a Social-Fi infrastructure for deploying tokens and engaging communities. Influencers can deploy tokens in a Telegram Mini App, earning up to 90% of minting fees, while communities receive airdrops and referral rewards. With 40+ tokens launched and 4k minters at ATH, TELE will launch a DEX soon.


The launch of The Open League has expanded the DeFi landscape on TON, offering new financial products. The aim of these projects is to boost the DeFi ecosystem on TON and leverage Telegram while doing so.

  • Thunder Finance: One-stop yield farming on TON. Follow their updates on the first farming pools and points system.

  • United Finance: Soon launching the wuTON token, a yield-bearing token backed by TON, aiming for higher yields compared to liquid staking tokens.

  • Nexton: Building Jito for TON. Users can stake TON, receive a Nexton NFT, and benefit from staking and arbitrage yields. With 500 users, the team will grow through marketing and The Open League participation.


With USDT coming to TON and increased interest from other blockchains, robust bridging solutions, reliable infrastructure, and security are essential.

  • Symbiosis: A decentralized cross-chain protocol connecting TON to 27 chains, allowing users to bridge assets from EVM to TON seamlessly. With 1.2M transactions and $1.4B of value swapped and bridged, Symbiosis will enhance the TON ecosystem.

  • Project KoALA: Building a bridging solution enabling seamless interaction with multiple networks without holding each target blockchain's base token.


These projects leverage viral and engaging tools inside Telegram, solving the classic chicken-egg problem of two-sided marketplaces.

  • MuggleLink: Building Fiverr on Telegram. With 20k+ users and 111 channel owners paid for ads, MuggleLink is already in beta.

  • BION: A web3 shopping app with cashback in TON, USDt, and BTC. Featuring 100+ brands, the app will be live soon.

We welcome other talented teams to build viral, valuable, and sustainable products on TON and join The Open League to achieve fast and effective growth.

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