PITCH. BUILD. GROW. WIN: Open League Summer Is Here

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With The Open League in full swing, we continuously look for new ways to expand the initiative and reward you for your activity on The Open Network. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce Open League Summer, a series of 3-day bootcamps coming to 13 locations worldwide, from Germany and Serbia through Ukraine and Georgia all the way down to Taiwan and South Korea. The goal? To receive 1,000 applications to The Open League Hackathon by July 15th.

The Open League Summer is our largest IRL experience, hosted under The Open League umbrella, focused on talented developers within the TON Ecosystem. Together with TON Society, we prepared a massive $2 million prize pool for you to be shared among the hackathon winners and $5,000 for each bootcamp. On top of that, you can look forward to meeting the TON Foundation and TON Society teams, networking with fellow TON supporters, and building relationships that help you grow.

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With The Open League, we’re focused on bringing crypto to every pocket and onboarding 500 million users to Web3 over the next 5 years. This cannot be done without talented developers and innovators who bring new use cases to TON, and this is our way of encouraging and recognizing all the hard work that goes into creating something meaningful and beneficial. We want you to build great products, and we will help you bring your ideas to light and capture the attention of your target audience.


The Goal of the Bootcamps is to get 1000 of you builders PITCH-READY to apply for The Open League Hackathon.


The best pitches will be accepted to The Open League Hackathon, where the goal is to BUILD your Minimum viable product (MVP).


Winners of the Hackathon will share $2 million in prizes and get fast-tracked right into TON’s ecosystem-wide, massive rewards program. With ~$200 million in Toncoin rewards for you and your users.

Summer Bootcamp Schedule

Bootcamps begin May 24th and will meet you at 13 locations over the following two weeks.

The following in-person events cannot be attended virtually. Please click the button below and select your preferred location. Then just register, and that’s it. We will see you there!

  • May 24th-26th: Prague, Moscow, and Hong Kong
  • May 31st-June 2nd: Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Taipei, and Soul
  • June 7th-9th: Berlin, Kyiv, Tbilisi, Belgrade, Gurugam, and Minsk

What to Expect

Apart from getting a shot at winning a share of $2 million in rewards for the best hackathon winners and $5,000 for each bootcamp, you’ll gain hands-on knowledge, network with TON’s leading teams and experts, and get priceless feedback and support.

  • Expert Guidance: Leading teams and experts from the TON Ecosystem will share their knowledge and experience required to make a great product
  • Skill Enhancement: You’ll get a chance to sharpen your skills and talk to the best of the best from your field of expertise.
  • Hands-On Experience: Deep dive into coding challenges, blockchain fundamentals, and innovative problem-solving techniques.
  • Networking & Team Building: Meet with fellow TON enthusiasts to brainstorm ideas and build your dream team
  • Feedback & Support: Our experts will provide you with tailored feedback on your product and growth and help you refine your ideas for the hackathon
  • FAST TRACK into The Open League: Projects that win the hackathon will be fast-tracked into TON’s massive rewards competition, which will offer over $200 million in rewards for you and your users.

After the exhausting coding sesh, we will host after-parties at each location to refresh your mind and forge deeper connections.

Whether you’re a coding veteran or a complete beginner looking to build something meaningful, this is your time to shine and get rewarded for your effort. There has never been a more complete program to take you from Idea to millions of users in the space of just a few short months. By building on TON, you’ll gain access to a unique support network and unique exposure to over 900 million Telegram users. THIS IS YOUR TIME TO BUILD.