Unlocking the Power of TON with Rift Framework

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Decentralized technology is the future. With its ability to bring about true democratization and fairness, the world is gravitating towards blockchain and its many applications. One such blockchain is The Open Network (TON), an ultra-fast, low-fee, and environmentally friendly layer-1 blockchain designed to onboard billions of users.

The Power of Python and TON ⚡️

TON is a decentralized layer-1 blockchain designed for fast and efficient transactions. But despite its many benefits, TON's FunC and Fift programming languages can be complex for developers to learn. That's where Rift comes in.

With Rift, developers can leverage the simplicity and versatility of Python to build and interact with TON. Python's syntax and object-oriented programming (OOP) features make it easy for developers to write and test smart contracts, without having to learn a new programming language.

Rift is the magical portal that links Python to TON world.

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Simplifying the Development Process 💻

Rift offers a full suite of tools for TON development. From writing smart contracts in Python to testing and deploying them on the TON network, Rift streamlines every step of the development process. And with its standalone framework, developers only need to know Python 3.10 to start building on TON.

Here are just a few of the many features that make Rift an indispensable tool for TON development:

Power up your Smart Contract Development with Rift 🔥

With Rift, developers can take full advantage of Python’s syntax and capabilities to develop TON smart contracts with ease. No need to learn a new programming language or worry about compatibility issues, Rift brings the best of both worlds and makes TON development accessible to all.

class SimpleWallet(Contract): """ Simple Wallet Contract. # config get-methods: - seq_no - public_key """ class Data(Model): seq_no: uint32 public_key: uint256 class ExternalBody(SignedPayload): seq_no: uint32 valid_until: uint32 data: Data def external_receive(self) -> None: msg = self.body % self.ExternalBody assert msg.valid_until > std.now(), 35 assert msg.seq_no == self.data.seq_no, 33 assert msg.verify_signature(self.data.public_key), 34 std.accept_message() while msg.refs(): mode = msg >> uint8 std.send_raw_message(msg >> Ref[Cell], mode) self.data.seq_no += 1 self.data.save()

Interact with TON like a Pro 💫

Rift provides an all-in-one wrapper around TON development tools, making it easier than ever to interact with the TON network. With Rift, developers can build messages, sign them using the Fift backend, run contract codes, deploy contracts, and interact with the network using the Tonlibjson backend.

from contracts.jetton_minter import JettonMinter from contracts.jetton_wallet import JettonWallet def deploy(): init_data = JettonMinter.Data() init_data.admin = "EQCDRmpCsiy5fA0E1voWMpP-L4SQ2lX0liTk3zgFXcyLSYS3" init_data.total_supply = 10**11 # 100 init_data.content = Cell() init_data.wallet_code = JettonWallet.code() msg, addr = JettonMinter.deploy(init_data, amount=2 * 10 ** 8) return msg, False

Test Your Contracts Thoroughly 🧪

Rift also provides a TVM testing framework that makes it easy to test contracts before deploying them to the production network. The framework provides a simple interface for creating message bodies and inspecting the contract's state to ensure correct behavior.

from contracts.jetton_wallet import JettonWallet from contracts.types import TransferBody def test_transfer(): data = create_data().as_cell() wallet = JettonWallet.instantiate(data) body = create_transfer_body(dest=3) res = wallet.send_tokens( body.as_cell().parse(), MsgAddress.std(0, 2), int(10e9), 0, ) res.expect_ok() def test_transfer_no_value(): data = create_data().as_cell() wallet = JettonWallet.instantiate(data) body = create_transfer_body(dest=3) res = wallet.send_tokens( body.as_cell().parse(), MsgAddress.std(0, 2), 0, 0, ) res.expect_error()

Join the TON Revolution 💎

TON has the potential to revolutionize the blockchain world, and Rift is the perfect tool to help developers take advantage of its many benefits. Whether you're just starting out or already have experience with TON, Rift is the perfect way to streamline your development process and bring your ideas to life on TON. So why wait? Start building with Rift today and join the TON revolution! 🚀

Get started now by exploring Rift's repository and joining the Skyring Channel for the latest updates. We're excited to announce that step-by-step guides will be available soon. Stay tuned! ⏳