Speed of Tomorrow: TON Is The World’s Fastest Blockchain

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Today, The Open Network has made history. TON Foundation performed a live performance test of the TON Blockchain Technology to achieve the highest transaction speed for a blockchain in the world. TON has officially bypassed all L1 blockchains and centralized payment networks such as PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. This result is now fully audited by a leading auditing firm, CertiK.

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We’re ecstatic to report that the test was successful, and TON Blockchain reached a staggering speed of 104,715 transactions per second. This makes TON Blockchain the fastest and most scalable blockchain in the world. And yet, this record is far from reaching TON’s limit. Thanks to its unique architecture, TON can process millions of transactions per second from billions of users by adding more nodes, confirming that TON is technically miles ahead of all the other existing blockchains.

You can now watch the recording of our live performance test on Youtube.

Achieving this record wasn’t an accident. TON’s architecture has been designed to enable unlimited scalability, with the core feature being horizontal sharding. This allows the TON Blockchain to ‘partition’ into smaller workchains and shardchains, so each node only needs to store and validate a subset of the network data instead of storing and verifying the entire blockchain.

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This enables higher transaction speeds but also makes TON more secure and decentralized. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why we sometimes call TON the “blockchain of blockchains.”

If you want to learn more about TON’s architecture, read our article.

Another Step Forward

When the TON Community embarked on a journey towards turning TON and Telegram into the world’s first Web3 SuperApp, everyone knew this feat would require a technical marvel – a blockchain capable of serving hundreds of millions of users.

By setting this record, TON proves it is capable of exactly that. TON provides practically unlimited scalability and a seamless user experience without transaction bottlenecks or unexpected transaction fee spikes. It’s important to note that this record was not performed using simple coin transfers but by executing complex smart contracts.

With this record, TON proved that we already have the necessary infrastructure to power the world’s first SuperApp built on blockchain, far beyond simple transactions or smart contracts. This paradigm shift changes how we think about blockchain and its capabilities.

Closing The Gap

Web3 represents a new era for applications and platforms, one that gives network participants control over their own data, identities, and assets, becoming more than just mere ‘users .’ By proving that blockchain can scale and handle the load necessary for complex applications like SuperApp, TON is accelerating the rate at which these decentralized systems become a part of our daily lives.

High scalability and low latency are often seen as the missing pieces for mainstream adoption of Web3, but TON is quickly closing that gap.


TON’s new world record is not just a benchmark or a PR stunt; it’s a statement highlighting the possibilities of TON Blockchain Technology. By setting the stage for the world’s first blockchain-powered SuperApp, TON isn’t just breaking records but also exploring the horizons for new use cases and Web3 adoption.

With TON’s unique architecture and focus on the ecosystem, the TON Community shows that the future of a highly scalable and decentralized ecosystem is not just possible but already here.