The Open League Trading Challenge is Live!

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The Open League just received a huge upgrade: The Open League Trading Challenge! This new campaign will completely change how the TON Community sees incentive programs. TON Society is supercharging The Open League Incentives program by engaging influencers in a team-based trading competition. This initiative not only provides various communities within the ecosystem with more opportunities to earn rewards but also aims to support projects in The Open League by encouraging more blockchain activity. This anticipated surge in trading within the TON Ecosystem is another step towards putting crypto in every pocket by making the best Web3 DeFi services more accessible to Telegram’s mass user base.

The Challenge starts today, Mar. 19th at 3:00pm CET and lasts until Apr. 1st at 3:00pm CET. Top three winners for each competition will be announced following the completion of the competition.

Influencer Trading Competition

The first phase of the challenge is the Influencer Trading Competition, where key opinion leaders will compete against each other to achieve the highest account balance by the end of the season. Starting with an initial 5,000 TON airdrop, participants are tasked with growing their balance and taking advantage of the $1 million in TON incentives already offered by TON Society. Participants in the trading competition are restricted to using their 5,000 TON airdrop solely for projects in The Open League, without engaging in gambling, withdrawals, or adding external funds.

Progress will be monitored via a public leaderboard and the winner with the highest balance will receive the 15,000 TON grand prize. Prizes of 10,000 and 5,000 in TON are also set for second and third places, respectively. This part of the campaign is all about trading skill, strategic thinking, and commitment.

Here are our ten participating KOLs!

  • RDeni (TG)
  • 0xFinish (TG, X)
  • serp1337 (TG, X)
  • Pepesso (TG, X)
  • Reflection (TG, X)
  • Hanzo (TG, X)
  • Leshka (TG, X)
  • JetStart (TG, X)
  • Xremlin (TG, X)
  • TradeParty (TG)

Squad Competition

The campaign also includes the Squad Competition, giving you the opportunity to team up with your favorite influencer and compete for TON Community glory! By joining an influencer squad, you will be part of a group effort to maximize the squad’s overall balance. Each squad will be assigned a specific wallet address, allowing community members to join by contributing a small amount of TON (0.00001 TON) using a unique link or QR code. After contributing, the new member’s wallet will be integrated into the squad. Members can also boost their squad by referring friends and earning referral points. To refer a friend, the referee needs to include his referrer’s wallet address as a comment in the transaction while joining a squad.

To join a squad, visit the public squad leaderboard and contribute 0.00001 TON to the squad of your choice. Be careful and double-check the amount of TON you are sending and the address you are sending it to.

Prizes for the squads are as follows: the top squad will receive a 50,000 TON airdrop, the second-place squad will be awarded a 25,000 TON airdrop, and the squad coming in third will earn a 10,000 TON airdrop.

Here’s a breakdown of the various performance metrics and their corresponding points for squads:

  • Balance Tier (Wallet balances)
    • 5000 TON: 25,000 points
    • 1000 TON: 5,000 points
    • 100 TON: 500 points
    • 10 TON: 50 points
  • Trading Tier (TON pairs with TOL tokens, total volume on & DeDust):
    • 1500: 500 points
    • 300: 100 points
    • 30: 10 points
    • 3: 1 point
  • Referral Score (Friends with TON)
    • 5000 TON: 1000 points
    • 1000 TON: 500 points
    • 100 TON: 100 points
    • 10 TON: 10 points

Please choose your squad carefully, as you only have until March 25th to join or change your affiliation. Remember, any trading volume from before switching squads won’t count towards the new squad’s totals.

Choose wisely, get involved, and let’s turbocharge trading in the TON Ecosystem!


As we kick off this unique trading venture, we want to invite all enthusiasts, newcomers, and experienced traders to join our ecosystem! The Open League Trading Challenge represents a huge opportunity to engage with the community and explore the potentials of TON DeFi. This initiative is a crucial step towards our goal of putting crypto in every pocket, by introducing top DeFi opportunities directly to Telegram users. Here’s to responsible trading, effective teamwork, and shared success.


This is not financial advice and it should not be a substitute to performing careful research of the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies. Trading cryptocurrency is highly experimental and comes with substantial risks of losing all your cryptocurrency.