TOL Predictions Contest: Real Chads Make Predictions

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The Open League (TOL) Season #1 is in full swing: the newcoiners are FUDing, and the Chads are HODLing. Nature is slowly healing after the Bitcoin dip.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, we’re about to up the ante.

Besides the already unprecedented rewards being given away, we’re introducing a fresh, new challenge for the TON Community—a prediction contest about forecasting the future stars of TOL. It’s time to dust off that crystal ball and start pondering the top five teams of The Open League.

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Predict & Win!

As part of this new competition, you will have to pick and rank the top five teams who you believe are going to go big this season of The Open League. It’s so simple even your Web1 grandma could do it. All you need to do is connect your wallet with at least 5 Toncoin and drop your predictions.

How to participate:

  1. Wallet ready: Connect your wallet, making sure it contains at least 5 Toncoin
  2. Choose wisely: Select the top 5 teams and rank them according to their final standings
  3. Questing time: Complete a unique quest in The Open League bot for each team you’ve picked
  4. Seal the deal: No, you don’t have to summon the devil at the crossroads. Confirm your prediction by sending a blank transaction to the magic address

For Season 1, we’re keeping it old school with manual acceptance. But get ready because Season 2 will be leveling up with on-chain predictions using a dedicated smart contract activated before the next season starts.

Rewards, rewards, rewards!

The reward pool is nothing short of spectacular, and the stakes are high.

Here’s what you could win:

  • 🥇 5 out of 5 Predictions: 50% of the total fund (25,000 TON)
  • 🥈 4 out of 5 Predictions: 30% of the total fund (15,000 TON)
  • 🥉 3 out of 5 Predictions: 20% of the total fund (10,000 TON)

And just to put things into perspective, if 1 million users join the competition, the rewards per user could be as high as:

  • 🥇 5 out of 5: 25,000 TON / 4 users = A whopping 6,250 TON per user
  • 🥈 4 out of 5: 15 000 TON / 40 users = A cool 375 TON per user
  • 🥉 3 out of 5: 10,000 TON / 600 users = A neat 16.67 TON per user

This is your moment, TONanon.

The Open League Season 1 isn’t just about the projects battling it out in the ecosystem; it’s also about you, the community, getting a front-row seat to the action and having a chance to win big.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a Chad; make a prediction. It costs you nothing, and there’s so much to win!