Meet the Winners of TOL's Pilot Season!

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We’re excited to conclude the pilot season of The Open League and introduce you, absolute on-chain Chads, to the best projects we had the honor to host in our testing round.

The Pilot had its ups and downs and we faced some challenges, but together with your never-ending support, we overcame every obstacle and successfully finished the season.

When Jack, our Director of MarComm announced The Open League proposal, we weren’t expecting much. It was an experimental and unproven initiative that aimed to build on top of TON’s integration with Telegram and its ecosystem being the most accessible across the entire Web3 market.

We’re proud to announce that our expectations were absolutely wrong and you Chads completely dominated all the metrics. We couldn’t have wished for a better community.

Key Highlights:

Below is some data comparing before and after The Open League Pilot season and just look at that beauty…

  • Daily active wallets (DAW): up 347%
  • Weekly Active Wallets: up 252%
  • Monthly Active Wallets: up 137%
  • DeFi Total Value Locked up 244%
  • Liquidity Providers: up 550%
  • Daily Trading Volume: up 624%
  • Daily Traders: up 710%
  • Jetton Holders: up 195%

If there was a token, it would’ve been going to the moon now. Anyway…

Final Project Ranking of The Open League Pilot Season

In our Pilot we tracked leaderboards across four main categories: Apps, DeFi, Liquid Staking, and Tokens. Below are final snapshots of leaderboards actual as of the last day of the Pilot season, March 31.

The ranking is based on a score measured across several key metrics, primarily Unique Active Wallets (UAW) and Number of Transactions. You can also see the Toncoin rewards awarded to each project in the leaderboard.

Apps Leaderboard ~ 150,000 Toncoin Prize Pool

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DeFi Leaderboard ~ 160,000 Toncoin Prize Pool

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Liquid Staking Leaderboard ~ 100,000 Toncoin Prize Pool

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Token Leaderboard ~ 150,000 Toncoin Prize Pool

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We want to thank every single project and participant of the Pilot season. We thank you for your support, for your activity, and for your patience while we’ve faced unexpected challenges.

It was an amazing experience and learning lesson and we’re confident that Season #1 of The Open League which is now live, will meet your expectations and crush the results, pushing TON to previously unseen heights.

In Season #1, we will bring you a completely reworked rewards system, new leaderboard categories, including Meme Coin Leaderboard, and a whole bunch of other benefits and perks.

Click here to learn more about Season #1