TON Foundation Demo Day #2: TonX Joins Existing Accelerator Partners

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Last month, we had the privilege to introduce you to the first cohort of participants in the TON Accelerator Program. A month has passed, and we're back to introducing another set of participants competing to join the TON Accelerator Program's second cohort.

Today, we want to introduce you to six new projects, which will introduce themselves during the Demo Day on August 31 and compete for the attention of investors and strategic partners.

But before we get to the Demo Day participants, we want to remind you of our recent news that will further bolster our efforts of supporting the emerging TON Ecosystem projects.

TON Accelerator Welcomes TonX Studio

TonX Studio, a leading TON venture studio in Asia, founded by early TON developers and investors, is joining the TON Accelerator among the previous partners, committed to creating innovative solutions that empower the next-generation internet, TON.

TonX’s portfolio includes groundbreaking products like TonStake, the first public staking validator, revolutionizing network participation. TonKey, the cutting-edge multi-sig wallet for TON, sets new standards in security and convenience. TON.RUN, the unmatched search engine for TON, transforms the discovery of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

TonX hosts impactful hackathons to cultivate talent and foster a vibrant community. Currently, their focus is on TonFura, a key infrastructure for tApps and TON to grow. The first major event is the Taipei Builders Workshop, taking place on September 22. For more info and registration, visit this link.

TonX joins the list of existing TON Accelerator partners:

  • Gotbit - a hedge fund and market-making company offering trading and risk management solutions

  • Web3Port - a developer of tools facilitating connections between Web3 startups and contributors to drive innovation

  • Tonstarter - the leading fundraising platform on TON

  • TEB - an incubator for Web3 developers based in South Korea

  • Cypher Capital - a United Arab Emirates-based multi-strategy crypto investment firm.

Demo Day #2, August 31

Accelerator Demo Day is a unique and exclusive opportunity for projects building on TON, to showcase their product to a set of investors and partners. During the Demo Day, the selected projects compete for investments and mentorship from our partners, getting a unique chance to kickstart their growth

These six projects will compete during the Demo Day on August 31, and you’re invited to join us and see what they have to offer.

  • re:doubt - Powerful TON data and research tools. Re:Doubt is the most comprehensive TON data provider, simplifies the process of accessing complex data through the use of emerging TVM-based blockchain coverage, AI-powered charting tools, and insights from a community-driven market. Our suite of tools is capable of extracting, combining, modifying, and analyzing data from multiple sources, whether they are on-chain or off-chain, into a single, cohesive system that produces meaningful insights. Follow re:doubt on Twitter.  
  • 8XR - Bringing games into Telegram with a 2D/3D game creation tool. 8XR has more than 30 games, 30,000 MAU and 200,000 play sessions in the last 30 days. Click here to stay up to date with their latest news.  
  • FanTON - The first fantasy football platform in TON. FanTON is the premier game in the TON ecosystem, deeply integrated with Telegram. Fanton is a Play2Earn fantasy football game, something between betting and a football manager - you choose a squad of football players and score points for the players’ performances in real football matches. Those who get more points win crypto. Follow FanTON on Twitter.  
  • TON Attendance Protocol - Record engagement on the chain. TAP (TON Attendance Protocol) is a dynamic application designed to capture and commemorate both on-chain and off-chain interactions using NFTs. From individuals to businesses, anyone can craft custom TAP badges (TEP-62 tokens) directly within the application, offering a seamless way to share a memory with their audience. Click here to follow TAP on Twitter.  
  • Nabi - Infrastructure for the creation of decentralized social protocols. Nabi Protocol is a Web3 decentralized social graph protocol designed for the TON Blockchain. The protocol aims to give users full control over their social identities, therefore allowing users to create and nurture meaningful connections with the community around them on their own terms. The protocol is developed with a modular approach that enables integrating new features and updates while ensuring that user-owned content and social connections are unaltered. You can follow Nabi on Twitter here.  
  • Lucia - Trade energy and carbon credits on TON. Lucia is a TON blockchain-based platform, transforming the carbon credit trading landscape from a traditional B2B model to an inclusive C2C marketplace. By seamlessly integrating NFT functionalities, Lucia empowers individuals to actively participate in environmental responsibility while exploring the world of digital assets. Dive into the future where sustainability meets peer-to-peer trading with Lucia. Click here to follow the creators of Lucia on Twitter.

We are thrilled to welcome these teams to the TON Demo Day and are excited to see what they bring next!