TON Foundation Grant Support: Q2 2023 #1

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We are pleased to announce TON Foundation’s approved grant recipients for Round 1 of Q2 2023!

The approved grant projects will bring significant value to TON by improving the visibility of TON-based applications and Jettons, enabling on-chain lending, providing on-chain contract management and performance monitoring, introducing user-friendly use cases for TON core services, and exposing Toncoin (TON) to a large mobile audience through a TON wallet integration with KaiOS.

TON wallet for KaiOS - the first TON wallet on KaiOS (the world's third-largest mobile OS with more than 160 million devices). TON wallet on KaiOS will enable users of low specs phones to work on KaiOS (3rd Largest Mobile Operating System). KaiOS brings the best of smartphones to affordable devices. Audiences accessing this OS are mostly first-time internet users from Asia, Africa, and South America. ecosystem - ecosystem consists of a number of applications. Agorata enables users to create TON DNS subdomains, manage domain records, and build and host simple TON sites using templates. Nonstorage focuses on the development of a storage metadata standard, allowing users to upload files to TON Storage via a web interface and make contracts with storage providers. Additionally, a content viewing service will be launched with support for documents, books, and basic videos from TON Storage, along with the indexing of Storage bags for search purposes.

Monitoning Platform - the first TON smart contract monitoring application will allow users to create projects, add contracts, and view all messages passed through the project contracts along with analytics. The project involves developing a solution to decode message bodies from bytecode to a readable form, similar to the ABI add-on in Dune Analytics/Tenderly. Join Community

EVAA Protocol - the first decentralized lending protocol on TON that lets users lend or borrow native and wrapped assets without going to a centralized intermediary. Join Community - an open-source marketplace for Ton apps that already has significant traction in the ecosystem. This grant is going to support an SEO-focused rebuild of the existing functionality. In addition, the team is going to create a CoinMarketCap-like functionality for Jettons ranking and analytics based on blockchain data. Join Community

We invite you to participate in our grants program both as a project builder and as an evaluation contributor. As a builder, you can submit your project proposal on our Questbook page or join discussions on specific projects to ensure we support the best possible ideas.