TON Joins ETH Belgrade for First Hackathon Track at Major Crypto Event

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TON Society is joining ETH Belgrade, the biggest crypto event in the Balkans, with a special TON hackathon track that can be attended in-person or online. This is TON's first time participating in a major general crypto event, highlighting its growing mainstream attention and ability to attract developers following the successes of Notcoin, USDt-TON, and The Open League. Having a dedicated track at ETH Belgrade will give Web3 builders from other ecosystems a unique chance to reach Telegram’s massive 900M+ monthly users and take advantage of the messenger’s uniquely user-friendly interface.

As an official sponsor of ETH Belgrade, TON is offering a $10,000 prize pool for participants creating Telegram Mini Apps at the Belgrade event. Successful projects from this event can then be submitted to the global Open League Hackathon, which has a $2M prize pool. If you're a developer looking to build on TON, the TON track at ETH Belgrade offers a great head start. Sign up for both the ETH Belgrade Hackathon and the Open League Hackathon to access exclusive support and prize money.

The ETH Belgrade TON track will be held in-person from May 31 to June 2 in Belgrade, with online participation also available. The event is hosted by AIN, a leading software development company in the Balkans. AIN previously built NFT-Tix, one of the most successful NFT ticketing solutions on Ethereum. Now, AIN is transitioning to TON to create a mass adoption ticketing solution for the TON-Telegram Web3 ecosystem.

TON x ETH Belgrade

TON is still in its early development stages, but its popularity is growing. TON Society’s partnership with ETH Belgrade is exposing TON to the wider blockchain developer community, attracting more builders to the Telegram Web3 ecosystem and encouraging the creation of innovative use cases.

If you are a developer looking to start building on TON, this is a great opportunity. ETH Belgrade offers a three-day hacking experience, allowing builders to join in-person in Belgrade or online. The TON track features a $10,000 prize pool and accepts Telegram Mini Apps in game, social, e-commerce, or DeFi categories.

Representatives from TON Foundation, TON Society, and AIN will be at the event to help you bring your idea to life on TON. If you have a digital project and want it to reach Telegram’s 900M+ monthly active users with special building support, this is your chance.

For a comprehensive list of resources for building Mini Apps on TON, check out the "Prizes" tab on the ETH Belgrade signup page and scroll down to the TON section.

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TON in Serbia

Serbia ranks among the top five countries globally for blockchain developers, making it a prime Web3 location with its strong tech market and innovative digital asset laws. Following the success of three TON Society meetups with 300+ in attendance, TON Society is now joining ETH Belgrade to onboard more of the local tech scene into TON. These community outreach events and new collaborations with established Web3 players like ETH Belgrade are crucial for securing TON’s mass adoption.

AIN, experienced in blockchain education in Serbia, is spearheading this effort by hosting the TON track at ETH Belgrade in collaboration with TON Society. They are also developing a TON onboarding curriculum aimed at improving documentation and providing the best resources for developers in Serbia and around the world to build with FunC, Tact, and Telegram Mini Apps.

If you are a builder in Serbia, join the dedicated TON Builders Belgrade chat to stay updated on local developments and discover all the opportunities to build on TON.