Toncoin Holders May Now Use BitGo, Web3’s Leading Crypto Custodial Service

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BitGo, a leading crypto custody and financial services provider, now supports Toncoin. Serving over 1500 institutional clients across 50 countries, BitGo is introducing bespoke regulated custody, hot wallet, and staking services for TON. BitGo users and TON holders can now securely manage their Toncoin with an enterprise-grade qualified custodian.

Let's not underestimate the importance of this integration - from now on, almost every Toncoin holder has the ability to safeguard their assets with BitGo. You don't have to be an accredited or institutional investor; all you need is to hold TON.

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The digital asset market faces considerable safety challenges. However, TON’s unique security architecture, combined with BitGo’s state-of-the-art cold storage methods, ensures that TON Ecosystem will now set the benchmark for the highest security standards in Web3.

BitGo’s custodial service stores users’ private keys offline, providing insurance and complying with the strictest cold storage regulations. The synergy of TON’s advanced cryptographic algorithms and multi-signature technology, along with BitGo’s native security protocols, ensures the safety of TON holders, institutional investors, and BitGo users.


Custodians play a crucial role in both Web2 and Web3 financial markets, facilitating the safe storage of assets while ensuring regulatory compliance. In the context of Web3, the absence of centralized oversight can be a source of concern for investors.

However, BitGo’s compliance and regulatory expertise and TON’s transparent and auditable smart contract framework create a secure and trustworthy platform for investors looking to store and manage their digital assets. BitGo and TON are well-positioned to quickly adapt to future Web3 regulatory changes and safely capitalize on emerging market opportunities.


BitGo and TON also offer a solution for institutional investors looking to enter the digital asset market by addressing challenges related to balance sheet fragmentation. Under certain circumstances, Web3 investors must distribute their assets across multiple platforms, exposing themselves to security and counterparty risks. With BitGo, investors holding Toncoin can consolidate their portfolio, avoiding the need to trust less secure parties like exchanges with their tokens.

TON, officially the world’s fastest blockchain with the capacity to process 104,715 transactions per second, combined with BitGo’s automated settlement systems, enables investors to unify fragmented balance sheets. This collaboration will ensure smooth cross-platform trading, reliable liquidity, and operational efficiency.

Looking Ahead

This new partnership between BitGo and TON represents a significant milestone for TON Ecosystem: it introduces the first-ever safe and dependable enterprise-grade custody solution for Toncoin holders. As a result, TON assets are under the protection of a regulated custodian, remaining readily accessible and guaranteeing security for both institutional and individual investors.