An Introduction to TON Ecosystem: Discover Web3 on Telegram

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The Open Network (TON) is experiencing rapid growth. In 2019, we had 35,000 accounts; this number grew to 80,000 in 2021, 120,000 in 2022, 1.8 million in 2023, and now in 2024, we’ve reached 5.2 million. This surge in new users is largely due to TON’s latest impressive developments, including setting a world speed record, the global success of Notcoin, and our collaboration with Telegram.

We’ve written this short guide to help newcomers navigate the TON-Telegram Web3 SuperApp. It’s designed to introduce you to some of the ecosystem’s best features and help you leverage the full potential of TON.

#1 Create your wallet

To join TON, start by creating a wallet on the network to manage your assets. All these wallets listed below offer similar functionality and are equally reputable, so don’t be overwhelmed by the number of choices. The easiest option for newcomers to the ecosystem may be Wallet in Telegram, especially if you already have a Telegram account – it takes less than a minute to set up. For a comprehensive list of available wallets, visit the website.

Wallet in Telegram

We recommend using Wallet in Telegram, a TON-native wallet fully integrated with Telegram. You can access it through @Wallet in Telegram Messenger and easily sign up using your existing Telegram account.

Wallet includes both a custodial section and a non-custodial section called TON Space – the first self-custody wallet completely within Telegram. It supports various assets, including Toncoin, jettons, NFTs, Bitcoin, and USDT, all manageable directly in Telegram. Wallet in Telegram also allows users to transfer crypto to other Telegram users without any commission fees. If you have any issues, check out the Wallet FAQ and visit the Wallet News channel.


Tonkeeper is another widely-used wallet within the ecosystem, available for Apple, Android, Desktop, and as a Chrome or Firefox extension. It’s the most downloaded non-custodial wallet, offering you full and exclusive control over your digital assets.

Tonkeeper also includes an integrated browser and a native staking feature from Ton Whales or Tonstakers, enabling you to earn up to 5% APR on your Toncoin stored in the app. For further details, you can visit the Tonkeeper News channel on Telegram.


OpenMask is the TON-analog of the popular MetaMask wallet acting as a Google Chrome extension. It is entirely open-source and supports TON jettons and NFTs. For more information, check out the OpenMask Telegram channel.


MyTonWallet is a popular, self-custody, cross-platform, open-source wallet accessible on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It supports multiple tokens, NFTs, and offers the convenience of multiple accounts and cross-blockchain functionality. For more information, you can visit the MyTonWallet channel on Telegram.


Tonhub is another non-custodial wallet developed by Ton Whales that is specifically designed to be user-friendly, fast, and secure. Visit their Telegram channel for more information.

Hardware Wallets

If security is your top priority, TON is compatible with several cold storage hardware wallets, such as Ledger, SafePal, and Tangem. These options provide enhanced security for your assets. However, for convenience and full access to the entire TON Ecosystem, we recommend using one of the native hot wallets mentioned earlier.

#2 Buy Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin (TON) is the native currency of The Open Network. For a comprehensive list of where to buy TON, visit the website.

Buy with a debit or credit card

You can buy Toncoin directly within Telegram using Wallet, which supports purchases with a bank card. Additionally, Wallet's P2P Market allows you to trade various fiat currencies for Toncoin with other Telegram users. Always be sure to check the seller’s rating and transaction history before responding to any ads. has recently listed Toncoin and partnered with TON Foundation, allowing purchases with GBP, EUR, and USD. Other well-known centralized exchanges like NeoCrypto and Mercuryo offer the option to buy Toncoin directly with a bank card.

Buy with crypto

Many of the top Web3 exchanges have listed TON crypto pairs allowing you to purchase TON.

Centralized Exchanges

TON-Native Exchanges

Decentralized Exchanges

#3 Explore TON Ecosystem


TON is a fully decentralized ecosystem that continues to grow every day as new teams join, bringing innovative ideas. Like most blockchains, TON consists of a series of independent apps, and you can explore the full range of +500 apps at TON App.

tApps Center

However, what sets TON apart is its unique building platform, born from our collaboration with Telegram: the Telegram Mini App. These Mini Apps represent an evolution in app technology, fully integrated within Telegram, and offer TON builders access to Telegram’s 800 million users. TON Foundation recently unveiled the Telegram Apps (tApps) Center to showcase these apps with a Web3 section dedicated to TON-based Mini Apps. The latest additions to this collection are highlighted on the Trending Apps channel.

#4 Use your Toncoin (TON)

Toncoin offers a huge variety of practical use cases that extend beyond traditional financial transactions, all while remaining within TON Ecosystem.

Telegram Premium

You can conveniently pay for Telegram Premium on Fragment using Toncoin. Fragment is a decentralized platform handling transactions for NFTs or Collectibles among users.

Telegram usernames

You can purchase unique Telegram usernames formatted as Collectibles at Fragment with Toncoin.


You can access a TON-based VPN service within Telegram using Toncoin, providing a secure and convenient way to enhance your online privacy.

eSIM with mobile data

You can purchase an eSIM with a mobile data plan for countries all over the world directly inside Telegram with Toncoin.

Decentralized storage

You can get access to TON Storage, a decentralized on-chain file storage service, using Toncoin.


Toncoin holders can participate in voting on key blockchain events through, a TON Ecosystem’s native on-chain governance platform. To vote, users connect their wallets and use their Toncoin to weigh in on different community proposals.

Buy real-world products

You can use Toncoin to buy real-world items on, the largest Web3 marketplace. Additionally, Toncoin is accepted on other select platforms, including CoinCoffee, DrippyMilano, and COURBET.


Staking your Toncoin with TON Whales allows you to earn passive returns by participating in network security and operations. Alternatively, liquid staking with Tonstakers or bemo gives you the flexibility of staking while keeping your assets liquid.


Toncoin owners also have access to a variety of different DeFi lending protocols: DAOLama offers loans against NFT collateral, while EVAA Protocol and Tonpound support decentralized Toncoin-backed lending and borrowing.

#5 Welcome to the future

Blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrency are still in their early stages, and TON Ecosystem is no different: constantly evolving but already equipped with a range of cutting-edge features and services, growing more user-friendly each day. You are now at the forefront: by simply creating a wallet, purchasing, and using Toncoin, you give yourself comprehensive control over your digital identity, assets, and data, an opportunity not found anywhere else. We warmly invite you to join our community and discover the future of digital interaction and finance with TON.