The Open League Season 4 Results: New Champions Emerge!

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What's cooking, TON Community? Season 4 of The Open League has wrapped up, and what an exciting season it was! We saw some fresh faces claim victory while our seasoned pros held their ground. Everyone brought their A-game.

The winners are set to get their well-deserved prizes, so it's time to introduce you to the best-of-the-best of TOL Season 4.

Final Rankings for The Open League Season 4

This season, we tracked four leagues – Token, App, NFT, and DeFi. Below are the final leaderboard snapshots as of the official end of the season. The rankings are based on various metrics for each category, mainly the number of holders, TVL, DEX activity, and distribution.

App Battle

The two leading spots remain unchanged, with Catizen and Yescoin dominating the leaderboard, followed by MomoAI, Vertus, SquidTG, TON Punks, and Gleam tailing the top seven. These seven teams will share a total of $500,000 based on their league placement.

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Token League

The token league brought us a few new faces, with REGI surprisingly dominating the leaderboard, followed by NOT, HYDRA, STON, COFE, RECA, and MITTENS. These seven teams will also share $500,000 in rewards.

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NFT League

In this brand-new category, we’ve opened the competition to NFT projects. This season’s best three are TON Frogs, Market Makers, and TON Diamonds. The three best teams will share a total of $50,000.

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DeFi League

Another new leaderboard dedicated to DeFi has seen just six competitors, with DeDust coming out at the top, followed by EVAA, Storm Trade,, DAOLama, and Tradoor. This league shared a total of $150,000.

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The Open League: Season 5

Season 5 kicks off on July 10 at 11 am UTC! Applications are open now and close on July 3 at 11 am UTC. Details on the prize pool, LP boost size, duration, and methodology are coming soon. Stay tuned; it's going to be epic!

The top 10 projects from the Token Battle are in for a significant opportunity! They can snatch an LP boost for their liquidity providers in Season 5, but they need to meet the usual benchmarks:

  • be ready to match the boost with your own token
  • have an active token mining mechanism
  • maintain a TVL of $200k+ in pairs with TON, stablecoins, and staked TON

Keep an eye out, as meeting these criteria could supercharge your project's growth in the next season!