TOL Season 2 Results Just Landed: Two Teams Eliminated!

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Yeah, yeah, we know you’re not thinking about anything but the Notcoin listing these days, but before the NOT-Day arrives, let’s review the results of The Open League’s Season 2, which just officially ended.

If you asked crypto influencers on Twitter how they feel, they would probably tell you that it’s so over, but looking at Season 2 data, we dare to disagree. And while there might be a lot of negative sentiment and doomy predictions, the TON Ecosystem keeps on marching forward, completely unbothered.

At the end of Season 1, we implemented two new changes that impacted the progression of The Open League’s Season 2:

  • Reduced the season duration from one month to just two weeks to speed up rewards distribution and allow more projects to compete
  • Reduced leaderboards from five to three to simplify the competition and make promotions and relegations more straightforward.

For Season 3, starting now, we’re implementing just one change: Liquidity Pool Boosts will be capped at 15,000 TON to account for Toncoin market movements.

Key Highlights:

Below are some data captured at the end of Season 2—and just look at that beauty. In parentheses, you can see the growth compared to the start of TOL.

  • Daily active wallets (DAW): 311,900 (+725%)
  • Weekly Active Wallets: 999,600 (+540%)
  • Monthly Active Wallets: 1,700,000 (+325%)
  • DeFi Total Value Locked: $206M (+800%)
  • Liquidity Providers: 37,462 (+765%)
  • Daily Trading Volume: $29.2M (+1,038%)
  • Daily Traders: 28,698 (+498%)
  • Jetton Holders: 1,624,407 (+1,316%)

Final Project Ranking of The Open League Season 2

In Season 2, we tracked leaderboards across three main categories: App Battle, Token Major League & Token Minor League. Below are the final snapshots of leaderboards as of the official end of Season 2, May 15th at 11:00 AM UTC.

The rankings are based on various metrics for each category, but mainly the number of holders, TVL, DEX activity, and distribution.

App Battle

Congratulations to the top seven teams, Catizen, Getgems, Tonano, TON Punks, The Pixels, SquidTG, and Fanton, who will receive a share of $500,000 in rewards for their Season 2 performance!

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Token Major League

In the Major League, $500,000 is split between the top 7 teams: KINGY, RAFF, ANON, WEB3, REDO, STON, and JVT. @BTC25 has been found guilty of violating the TOL rules and eliminated from the competition.

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Token Minor League

The top teams from the Minor League, MEH, SCALE, BOLT, RECA, and ARBUZ, will be promoted to the Major League. wNot is removed from The Open League, as the coin will cease to exist due to the upcoming Notcoin listing.

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As always, we’re extremely grateful to all projects that participated in last month’s season and are excited to see what’s coming in Season 3, which kicks off today, May 15th.

  • Major League relegations: JETTON, GRAM, PUNK, DFC
  • Eliminated teams: wNOT (ceases existence), @BTC25 (rules violation)

If you want to track the Season 3 leaderboards, visit The Open League website.