TON Accelerator Participants Announcement

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Since its inception in early 2023, the TON Accelerator Program has been at the forefront of empowering entrepreneurs to integrate seamlessly into the TON-based Web3 ecosystem in Telegram. Its mission is to provide a frictionless path for Web3 builders to develop TON-based products that reach Telegram's 900 million monthly active users.

We received over 170 applications, and after carefully reviewing them, we chose 11 projects to join our Accelerator's 9-week curriculum.

In 9 weeks, the selected projects will expand their knowledge about:

  • Product: Mentors will demonstrate how to build scalable Telegram Mini Apps with special considerations for a user-friendly UI/UX, share best practices in Telegram Web Apps, and explore the unique features and advantages of building on Telegram, covering Wallet and Ton Space integration.
  • Go-to-market strategy: Learn how to leverage viral mechanics, Telegram Ads, and KOLs to boost the project's reach. We will review specific case studies to see real-world implementation.
  • Technical knowledge: Improve your knowledge of smart contract programming, learn how to develop secure code, and more.
  • Tokenomics & listing: Understand exchanges' listing requirements, learn how to negotiate with market makers, and design sustainable tokenomics.
  • Fundraising: Our experienced mentors will show you how to build a resilient business structure and create a winning pitch deck.
  • Founder Sessions: Private AMAs with the founders of top projects from the TON Ecosystem.

But that's not everything.

Participants in the Accelerator will receive a comprehensive grant and access to personalized mentorship from top experts. Additionally, they will receive credits for Telegram Ads and, upon approval, $5,000 in cloud services credits from our partners AWS, Tencent Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. They will also be prioritized for audit, gain opportunities for introductions to VCs and investors, and have the chance to secure speaking slots at future TON events.

To help the participants grow, we will secure their access to the Community Bot team, the creators of Notcoin, and to Early, our platform designed to boost new projects on TON to enable them to launch quests on their platform to attract their initial user base. Using the Community Bot service is optional, as the projects will have to negotiate a fee with the Community Bot team for the setup of their campaigns. Participation in the Early platform is free of charge. For teams interested in leveraging this opportunity, a dedicated module will be available to explain the process in detail.

The top Accelerator participants may secure funding from a $2,000,000 pool provided by TON Ventures and additional investment opportunities from TON Foundation’s network.

Meet the 11 selected projects

  • Nexton: Nexton is a staking & restaking hub on TON, designed to maximize and optimize your yields. Fully accessible via their Mini App, Nexton allows you to simply enter the world of DeFi and access features, including staking, marketplace, and upcoming features such as loans and swaps.

  • United Finance: The first yield aggregation protocol on the TON Blockchain. wuTON is the protocol's first product, a yield-bearing token backed by TON. Users deposit their TON and receive wuTON in return. wuTON is usable as any other token and aims to offer a higher yield than provided by staking.

  • Gatto: Gatto is a mid-core game with meaningful collectibles (NFTs) and IAP using @wallet. This unusual game combines the genres of Tamagotchi, platformer, and farm simulator, where more than 1 million users already take care of their virtual pets and get TONCOIN. In the near future, there will be full-fledged PvP and PvE battles and construction mode.

  • Maincard is a fantasy manager for sports and esports designed to enable blockchain mass adoption in the most fun and engaging way. Launched in early 2023, to date, onboarded over 100,000 active players from over 120 countries. Their players made over a million transactions on Polygon, and in February, Maincard launched on TON. The TON mainnet launch is scheduled for April 15.

  • Moons. so: is the leading SocialFi platform built on TON. It allows users to talk freely without any central admins in various local communities to explore and connect with global blockchain networks and diverse, worldwide users.

  • MuggleLink: MuggleLink is a Web3 freelance services marketplace. Their mission is to link Muggles and make the world work together through crypto. MuggleLink allows individual users and content creators to receive crypto payments via social networks, including Telegram, X, and YouTube.

  • vSelf: vSelf is a Community-as-a-Service platform on TON that equips brands with the power of Web3 technology, providing easy-to-use tools for growth hacking and community engagement.

  • Bion: Bion makes Web3 shopping easy with its app, which allows you to make payments in crypto with listed brands and earn cashback in crypto for every purchase.

  • EdChess: As you probably guessed, EdChess is a game platform integrated into Telegram as a Mini App and mobile app. Combining two huge user bases, EdChess provides an enhanced gaming and learning experience; the platform allows users to earn cryptocurrency by playing mind games, participating in tournaments, and various confrontations.

  • FireHeadz: FireHeadz is a team of pioneers creating viral games on Telegram. They utilize a unique mechanic to capture and amplify user engagement and specialize in integrating cutting-edge Web3 mechanics into their games, setting new trends, and enhancing gaming experience with tokens, mining, unique NFT collections, and in-game content generated by artificial intelligence. They built an extremely successful game The Pixels, with more than 500,000 users.

  • Kit 42: Kit 42 is a unique, feature-rich Telegram app that uses Telegram User API for maximum efficiency. Get detailed analytics on calls, contacts, chats, and channel recordings. Easily manage, clean blacklist, create, and send scripted animated messages, making your Telegram experience even more interesting.

These are the eleven selected participants for the TON Accelerator Program, and we wish them the best on their journey toward success.