TON Foundation Grant Support: January 2024

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We are excited to announce another round of grant recipients approved by the TON Foundation for January 2024.

These projects met the strict criteria set by the grants program, showed innovative solutions, and continued developing products and initiatives beneficial for users and the entire TON Ecosystem.

  • bemo – bemo is the first liquid staking platform built on the TON blockchain that allows you to stake native TON tokens and, in return, get stTON tokens, which you can use freely in DeFi. The team is building a Telegram mini-app within the grant scope to help people stake their TON coins easily without leaving Telegram. This app will have all the main staking options in one place and work with many TON wallets, including @wallet, ensuring smooth and effective onboarding into this promising DeFi product. Click here to join the Bemo community.

  • Bounty Bay – Bounty Bay is a Web3-based social commerce platform that aims to empower brands and sellers with a more seamless and effective way to drive and thrive from Telegram social traffic. The platform introduces a monetized rewards system focusing on reshaping the overall experience of product viral distribution in Telegram; Bounty Bay emerges as a groundbreaking force, unlocking new possibilities in the realm of digital commerce. Click here to join the Bounty Bay community.

  • Miomi Game – Miomi Game is an eSports online arena for free and paid tournaments and matches with multi-games and social network with Escrow capabilities. The project boasts a loyal 100K audience that played over 1.2M matches on the original web2 platform, which the team is now transforming into a user-friendly Telegram Mini App. There is a cherry on top: Miomi Game has recently partnered with the famous football star Ronaldinho that will be involved in the project's further growth.

  • Adsgram – Adsgram is a novel ads network built specifically for Telegram Mini Apps. The team is solving the current acute problem of the lack of ad monetization tools for Telegram Mini Apps. What is interesting and important is that the team tries to mitigate their own pain: the project is led by the co-founder of Fanton, one of the largest games on TON that faced monetization problems while growing the app.

We invite you to participate in the TON Grants program as a project builder and evaluation contributor. Learn more about different aspects of the TON Grants program on the official page.

As a builder, you can submit your project proposal on our Questbook page or join the discussion on specific projects to help us support the best possible ideas.