The Future of GameFi on TON: Playing Games on Telegram

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“Telegram is the Web3 messaging platform…[and] there was no good way of integrating Web3 into Telegram until TON.”

Yat Siu, Co-Founder of Animoca Brands, on CoinMarketCap Live.

Towards the end of 2023, Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 gaming and metaverse company, announced a strategic partnership with TON Blockchain and became its largest validator. Following this announcement, Yat Siu, the Co-Founder of Animoca Brands, joined Steve Yun, President of the TON Foundation, and John Hyman, Chief Investment Advisor at Telegram, on CoinMarketCap Live. They discussed how TON and Telegram are revolutionizing the GameFi sector by developing a new Web3 SuperApp. Yat Siu also mentioned that thanks to this three-way collaboration, Animoca Brands plans to launch many of their new games on Telegram.

The TON Community is bullish about gaming on TON, especially following the global success of Notcoin, which became one of the most popular Web3 games worldwide within two weeks of its launch. In this post, we explore the network’s GameFi sector and consider how casual gaming on TON and Telegram could be the key to blockchain mass adoption.

TON is the ideal gaming platform

​​The general transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming marks a significant change in the industry. Web2 games, like Call of Duty, Minecraft, or Grand Theft Auto operate under centralized control with limited player asset ownership, offering little real-world value for in-game achievements.

Web3 gaming, centered on decentralization, empowers players with real ownership of digital assets via NFTs and introduces a Play-to-Earn model. However, these games typically face several challenges. Users often struggle with complex processes, like downloading wallets, toggling between apps, and securely depositing funds. Moreover, attracting and retaining users is a significant hurdle in terms of distribution. An often-neglected but crucial aspect is the gameplay itself, which must be both engaging and enjoyable. In contrast, TON Blockchain retains all the benefits of Web3 gaming while addressing these common issues.

TON’s user experience is unparalleled

TON’s user experience is simply second to none, particularly for casual gaming. Thanks to TON, it is far easier and much faster to launch a game in Telegram compared to traditional marketplaces. In a typical app store, users go through multiple steps, such as downloading and authorizing the app. However, with TON-based games on Telegram’s Mini Apps platform, users can start playing with just one click via Wallet in Telegram. This wallet, native and unique to Telegram, offers both custodial and self-custodial options, enabling users to manage cryptocurrency directly within games. It also serves as a method for verifying accounts and identities.

The integration of TON games into Telegram transforms the gaming experience. Players don’t need to juggle multiple apps or install extra extensions. This means faster access, lower transaction fees, and enhanced security. Furthermore, TON-Telegram games integrate into Telegram chats. This includes leaderboards, fostering competition within communities. Such features add a new layer to traditional group chats, improving both the gaming and social experience.

TON can distribute games to Telegram’s 800 million MAU

Currently, gaming on Telegram is not widely adopted, with only 1% of its monthly active users (MAU) playing games on the platform. This is modest compared to platforms like Facebook, VK, WeChat, TikTok, and YouTube, where 10-30% of users play games. Therefore, Telegram holds significant potential for growth in its gaming sector. The success of platforms like WeChat and Facebook in attracting a large gaming audience demonstrates the effectiveness of SuperApps in diversifying user engagement.

Telegram has the potential to become the fastest-growing social network for games. Developers seeking an audience for their projects could benefit from being early adopters of the platform. For TON, targeted marketing on Telegram is crucial. Utilizing tools like Telegram Ads allows for the precise targeting of specific users and communities, ensuring that games reach their most relevant audience. This strategy will significantly boost game engagement on Telegram.

Notcoin is TON’s proof of concept

Notcoin has become one of the most popular Web3 games in the world and is a viral sensation. TON’s developer community has proven it can build engaging and enjoyable games that set the network apart from the competition. Moreover, other graphically rich and story-driven games, such as Gatto and Tap Fantasy, have also seen success. For instance, Tap Fantasy alone attracted 600,000 players in January, 2024.

TON offers simplicity and accessibility

TON is one of the most diverse and accessible blockchains available and its gaming sector is playing a pivotal role in driving mass adoption. Recognizing the importance of gamers, a significant and active demographic, is key to putting crypto in every pocket. TON is well-suited for both Web3 GameFi developers and gamers. Prepare for Telegram’s transformation into a SuperApp, as a range of TON-based games are set to launch soon. Many of these games are already available in the tApps Center. For builders interested in creating games on TON, check out this X (Twitter) thread from Inal Kardan, Gaming Lead at TON Foundation.